DMChain second phase project weekly report

Source: Original Time:2018-07-27

Hi, everybody. I'm seeing you again~~~~
Welcome to The second phase of the DMChain project weekly
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[DMChain white paper update]

The DMChain white paper in various languages has been published on its official website.
White paper update: July 27, 2018.
Partners who need to read the full text of the white paper can view it on DMChain's official website:

[DMChain proposed to be submitted to several exchanges]

We have discussed with ZB, AT and LBANK, and ADE is expected to meet you in the above exchange next week.Details are as follows:, a global digital currency exchange, has been licensed by exchanges in Thailand and dubai and has set up operations in Switzerland, Canada, the United States, Bangkok and dubai. focuses on providing safe, convenient and compliant blockchain asset trading services to customers around the world.
ZB exchange official website:

Launched by Singapore Anthay foundation, the AT exchange mainly provides a variety of digital asset trading services such as bitcoin, Ethernet and EOS to users around the world. It is committed to building a safe, transparent and honest trading platform for blockchain assets
AT exchange official website:

Founded in October 2016, LBank is an innovative digital asset trading platform for global users.
Official website of LBank exchange:

[ADE trading volume contest]

DMChain and Coinmarket jointly held the ADE transaction volume competition, and the activity reward was also very attractive! The event will be held from 15.00 hours on July 27 to 24.00 on July 31.

The activity is as follows,Come and join us~~~~