DMChain first phase project weekly report

Source: Original Time: 2018-07-08

Welcome everyone to read the first week of DMChain project! In order to communicate and communicate with you better, we will share the latest progress of the DMChain project every week.

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Since this is the first issue of the weekly newspaper, we have integrated the important progress of the previous stage of DMChain (as of July 20) in this period. The DMChain project weekly report will be updated every Friday.

[DMChain Chinese White Paper]

On May 23, through the joint efforts of all members of DMChain, DMChain versions of the white papers have been released on the official website. Partners who want to read the full text of the white paper can view it on the DMChain

[DMChain Chain Angel Activity]

On July 15th, the two-week chain angel event came to an end. The event totaled more than 100 blockchain media, and cooperated with the currency, chain group treasure, opened a voting channel, and held airdrop activities. A total of 1 chain angel and 9 other angels were selected, and they received double rewards from BTC and ADE.
For details, please see:
Show me! The blockchain annual warmest event "chain angel" selection contest began
The currency is the hottest! The "Chain Angel" contest contest officially opened!
The first warmest event "chain angel" came to an end and the results were announced.

[DMChain token ADE, online multiple exchanges]

On July 16th, under the efforts of all members of DMChain, the token ADE will be launched on the COINEGG, Coinmarket, ThinkBit exchanges, and ADE will also land on the major trading platforms. The economic ecology of DMChain will gradually land.
For details, please see: