The currency is the hottest! The "Chain Angel" contest contest officially opened.

Source: Original Time:2018-07-06

100 chain circle senior media
20 quality self-media
Unprecedented - collective voice
Since the warmest "chain angel" event in the currency circle has been opened
A large ticket beauty lady sister eager to sign up.
Participating in the small video is also very eye-catching
Starting today, officially launched the "chain angel" contest vote
Miss fans supported by fans become "chain angels"
Fans who support the young lady in the group together divide 1BTC
So how do small partners participate in the event?
Don't worry, now I will offer you the most voting strategy for the event.

How to vote for the "chain angel" activity?

The "chain angel" voting method is mainly divided into three types.Operation is very simple

A. Account reward

Method: Use the ADE in the OKZ account to directly reward the contestants.The process is as follows

On the voting page, log in to the okz account, and the partner who has no account can select [to register]

After logging in, return to the Miss sister voting page, click [I want to support her], select [Account ADE reward]

Directly lose the number of ADE, click submit, you're done!

Register now for an OKZ account and you will get 10ADE~

Download the OKZ app and share the newsletter with 1ADE~

B. Wallet rewards

Way: Transfer the ADE in the wallet to the player's wallet.The process is as follows:

(1) On the Miss's voting page, click [I want to support her] and choose [Wallet Reward]

(2) [Copy] Miss sister's wallet address, transfer operation in the wallet.Operation drawing:

(3) After completing the transfer, return the wallet reward page, enter the [number of coins played] and the successful transaction number (txid or TxHash), click submit, and you're done!

C. Buying an advertisement (Ba Ping reward)

Way: By using ADE to buy "chain angel" cooperation media advertising space to reward.

1. Go to the event page, click on "Media Wall", then click on "Call for my angel"

2. After entering the voting page, after selecting the four elements of “Angel”, “Media”, “Method” and “Date”, the system will pop up “Price” and then vote according to the quantity transfer.

Operation drawing

  Finally, don't forget to inform you about your successful vote:
1) Enter the transaction number (txid or TxHash) for successful transfer in the [4] box.
2) Click Submit and you're done!
PS: Chain Angel voting calculation method
a. Reward type Get score = number of coins * 0.4
b. Local media purchase media type score = number of coins * 0.6
I want to vote, but what about ADE?
Baby grievances, baby has no ADE!
There are two ways to get the ADE, and the method is very simple:

A.okz welfare

1. Register for the okz account on the voting page to get 10ADE

2. Download the OKZ app and share the newsletter with 1ADE!

3. Register to send 10 ADE

4. Daily sharing newsletter to send 1 ADE

B. Off-site access

Add customer service WeChat: single_64, join ADE off-site replacement group

In addition to passing H5 and app, what other voting channels are there?

K station, chain group treasure, one can not be less

1.K station voting area (ADE: KAN =1:10),K station voting channel QR code

Voting process:

The netizen sees the K station version client by downloading the currency and joins the activity site.

The user can see the list of participating videos (one person and one video) in the site, and then can reward the participating videos corresponding to the favorite players;

The voting currency in K station: KAN, ADE, 1ADE=10KAN, and the rewards of other currencies are not counted as valid votes.

2. Chain group treasure

Chain group treasure voting channel QR code

Voting process:

Enter the Miss Sister voting page, click [I want to support her], enter the number of ADE, complete the vote

What if there is no ADE? Scan "Candy Applet" / Grab ADE or long press QR code to join "Chain Angel" activity group / grab ADE

Ok, the "chain angel" voting campaign has been hot.There is not much time, just take out your ADE and start voting.