You are the blockchain warm heart angel

Source: Original Time:2018-06-29

If you are hard-working, you are crowned as a female hero.
If you make a living in the chain to build a strong female player.
If you are pretty, you can eat in the chain by your appearance.
Then, please remember to come to this event.
Block Chain Annual Warmest Event "Chain Angel" Selection Competition
Welcome everyone to participate.
Become a warm heart angel together.
Let me lead everyone to know this event

I. Introduction to the event

In order to show the spirit of women entrepreneurs in the chain, highlight and promote the valuable quality of female entrepreneurs, The "blockchain warm heart angel selection campaign" was grandly launched. Which is sponsored by DMChain, BitKan, Coindy, co-organized by Bitell, 499 block chain sister, K station, DAS, Big skin shrimp, OKZ.

The contest will recruit 100 female entrepreneurs in the blockchain, vote for the awards, and jointly organize 100 award-winning medias and 20 high-quality self-medias to promote, with great strength and unprecedented influence, covering millions of network traffic. It can provide super high exposure for each contestant!

II. Registration to the event

From now until July 4th, you can scan the QR code to visit the registration page and submit the basic information to register. After the preliminary screening, the personal display video recording will be conducted under the guidance of the official customer service.
In the personal display video, every contestant can bravely express herself through various forms such as warm heart quotation, dancing, singing, etc., and pass her positive energy to the chain!

III. Reward to the event

(1) Player rewards

1.The first place won the title of "Chain Angel" and won the 1BTC equivalent award.

   2. There are 3 “Best Popularity Awards”, “Best Temperament Awards” and “Best Creativity Awards” each, which will won 2BTC equivalent rewards.

3. Fans vote ADEs for the contestants which will be transferred to the contestant's wallet address in real time.

   4. The winners can also get rewards for personal exclusive image customization activities.

(2) Fan rewards

1. When the vote is closed, the fans who support the "chain angel" (you must join the "chain angel" WeChat fan group), will share the 1BTC.

2. Participate in the "Chain Angel" Thanks fans sweepstakes live and win a big wave of candy packages.

IV. Voting selection rules

(1) There are two types of voting methods:

The first type is rewarding to vote: fans use the ADE transfer method to vote for the players.

The second type is buying media to vote: fans can purchase ADE through OTC, “Pa screen” promotion (such as Banner advertising space) in the blockchain media of the event cooperation, and build the support for the angels and enterprises; ADE advertising consumption will also select the chain of "flowers list" and "most influential media list."

(2) Grading rules:

Player rating calculation method is fans reward ADE number * 0.4 + fans purchase advertising consumption ADE number * 0.6. The organizer will be ranked according to the final rating.

V. Activity participation

Now join the contest activity group to get first-hand activity information, the contestants should support the group QR code will be announced in the contest group for the first time! If the player you support wins the title of "chain angel", you will share 1BTC with other fans of the support group! The contest event group will issue bonuses such as cash red envelopes and ADE candy from time to time. Come and join us!