Problems and challenges in the digital advertising industry

  • Fraud

    Without a trustless platform, the number of advertising frauds is increasing together with the growth of the advertising industry.

  • Intermediaries Cost

    As a highly developed industry, advertising has its own mature supply chain which includes multiple levels of agencies. Advertisers usually have to face a complicated industry chain, which does not only cost high commission fee, but also reduce the efficiency of advertisement value exchange.

  • Monetization Difficulty of Long Tail Market

    In current digital advertisement industry, there are not only top medias and publishers, but also small publishers who can’t afford neither an expensive agency nor a sales team. They have very limited room to monetize in traditional advertising ecosystem.

  • Enhance trust

    Through block chain technology, with its characteristics of decentralization and intelligent contract, it is the natural optimal solution to this problem. The aim is to establish an open and healthy digital advertising industry block chain ecology.

  • Reduce the cost

    By establishing an advertising ecosystem on the block chain, the above information asymmetry will be eliminated, so the cost paid to the intermediary structure will be minimized.

  • Cash easily

    With blockchain technology, small and medium-sized publishers can now mobilize communities to boost their incomes in a more diversified environment through a "token economy".

The Answer: DMChain

Built on top of Cardano, DMChain utilizes smart contracts and data transparency to offer a solution which ensures security, auditability, traceability and ease of use, regardless of the size of an advertiser.

  • 1 Real traffic without data frauds
  • 2 More efficient and affordable ways to advertise
  • 3 Open and transparent calculate, trustworthy and automatic payment
  • 4 More accurate and real statistics, direct channel to consumers
  • 5 Bring more value to all participtants in
    advertising industry

DMChain Ecosystem

DMChain ecosystem introduces DMCoin as the token for value exchange within the ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of four main components: DMNetwork, DMExchange, DMID, DMBAAS, and it Modules.

  • ADE

    ADE, the token of DMChain ecosystem, conforms to the ERC-20 token standard and will be freely traded via the Cardano public chain.

  • DMC identification is the unified blockchain based account for advertisement audience to have encrypted accurate user portrait. It allows advertisement audience to manage and unify their on-chain and off-chain personal data.

  • DMNetwork

    DMNetwork hosts the core logic and smart contracts of the system.It connects advertisers, publishers and agencies, records all kinds of data including transaction records, advertisement audience’ behaviors, publishers’ history reputations, etc.

  • DMExchange

    DMEchange is the decentralized advertising exchange platform based on the data from DMNetwork. Publishers can publish their advertisement space (traffic resource) to the smart contract on DMChain via the SDK of DMChain system. Advertisers and Agencies will bid for their interested advertisement spaces.

DMChain use case

The DMLei platform has now aggregated tens of thousands of media and advertising resources to provide one-stop digital marketing services through intelligent SAAS plus human services. Based on the resources and operation experience accumulated by DMLei, DMChain is committed to evolve DMLei into the era of blockchain and create a new community based on DMChain.

Data of Social Group

Partner of blockchain media

Advertisement partner

DMChain Roadmap

  • 2018 Q2

    Design the decentralized digital advertising solution based on blockchain technology and complete DMChain whitepaper 1.0 (including economic part and technical part)
  • 2018 Q3

    Complete the first technology API link of DMC
  • 2018 Q4

    Build DMChian ecosystem:
    Strategic partnership with various blockchain media and social media worldwide
    Support the commercial operation of DMID and DMC App.
  • 2019 Q1

    Complete the first stage of programmatic advertising tool based on blockchain -- the development and test of DMSSP and DMDSP
  • 2019 Q2

    Commercial operation of digital ads and assets exchange-- DMExchange based on smart contract.
  • 2019 Q3

    DMNetwork digital advertising network SDKs release.
  • 2019 Q4

    Publish the decentralized transaction system based on POS.

DMChain Team

DMChain Investment Agency